The brand Infantino is relatively new in the world of baby carriers and have a small handful of models on the market. Infantino carriers make up the lower end of the price range and typically range in price between $20 – $50. The most popular Infantino carriers include: Euro Rider, Front2Back, GoGo Rider, Comfort Rider, Swift Carrier and the Tie and Wrap baby carrier. Below you will find a review, pro’s and con’s of all these different Infantino carriers.

Infantino Euro Rider RRP: $19.99-$49.99 (depending on style)

The manufacturer claims that the Infantino Euro Rider is a deluxe front carrier that has special side openings making it easy to get baby in and out. They say it includes sturdy adjustable buckles for a quick one hand release, and includes a convenient head support design that can be used up or down. Infantino asserts us that the Easy Rider’s ideal weight distribution of baby and soft padded material, will make the parents enjoy carrying the baby. They say this in one of the Infantino carriers that gives the parents a choice between having the baby facing inwards or outwards. It is easy to put on with strap adjustments in the front and meant for babies from 8 to 26 pounds.

The Verdict:

Pros: Out of all the Infantino carriers, this one is the best looking. It has good padding and once you have managed to get it on, it feels quite comfortable. It has nice padded shoulder straps, which makes wearing it for long periods quite easy. It is pretty well priced at only $30. That said, the price range from as low as $20 and up to $50, depending on where you look. It comes is many different colors and patterns, which is good for those fashion-conscious mums. The fact that you can have the baby facing both ways is a big plus. A tip is to have it facing you when he or she is sleeping or unsettled, and facing outwards when awake and happy. Babies need the stimulation from observing the environment.

Cons: The biggest con with this Infantino carrier must be its user-friendliness. It can be very hard to work out how to put on, especially in the beginning. It took us about 4-5 practise runs to really work out how to put it on properly. Once you’ve worked it out though, it’s pretty straight forward.

Overall: A cute, well-priced baby carrier that can be a slow starter, but the baby will love. 4/5

Infantino Front2Back RRP: $39.99

Infantino carriers come in all shapes and sizes and the Front2Back model was rather revolutionary when it came on the market. With its 3-in-1 face in, face out and backpack customization ability it is meant to satisfy every need. The manufacturer have used a memory foam that is supposed to take the pressure off your shoulders and it has an easy buckling system which is exclusive to this model. It is made out a material called BreatheMesh, which supposedly breathes to keep the baby cool and comfortable. The Infantino Front2Back is meant for babies from 8 to 32 pounds.

The Verdict:

Pros: Infantino carriers are renowned for their versatility and he main thing the Front2Back baby carrier has going for it is just that. The ability to have the baby facing you, away from you and on your back is a big plus. Another positive is the price. $40 is not much for what you get. The padding they use on the shoulder straps make it fairly comfortable to wear, as long as your baby is not too heavy.

Cons: First of all, this baby carrier does not really work for babies over 15 pounds. We found it awkward to use with babies older than 6 months as it seems like their head starts touching your chin. Bigger babies can still be carries on the back, but that just means this baby carrier just lost its main feature, versatility. The Front2Back carrier can be quite hard to put on as the buckle in in between your shoulder blades, so unless you do regular yoga, it can be a battle.

Overall: A well-priced, versatile baby carrier with a few significant flaws. 3/5

Infantino GoGo Rider RRP: $29.99

The GoGo Rider is Infantinos classic baby carrier. It can be used both facing in or out and can is ideal between 8 and 23 pounds. Out of all the Infantino carriers, this is the most basic, but Infantino themselves claims they have used a patented design which ensures ideal distribution of weight. They also state that it has large, gusseted pockets for keys, wallet and more and that it comes with dual-side openings which is supposed to make getting your baby in and out of carrier easier.

The Verdict:

Pros: The pockets can be very handy as it saves you having to bring a handbag as well.. It is pretty easy to get on once you get used to it and can be unbuckled with one hand with a bit of practice. It has a burp cup compartment in the front which can be quite handy and a pacifier string.

Cons: This is one of the few Infantino carriers that does only supports babies up to 23 pounds. We believe that this might be an overstatement. Carrying anything above 15 pounds in this baby carrier can be quite uncomfortable for your back and we do not recommend it. The main problem with this baby carrier is its lack of stability. When you have your baby fastened it feels like it is just swaying around and it can be quite hard to actually secure it. Due to this fact, getting a sore back and neck is common and the baby can be rather uncomfortable. Is you are of a bigger size you might find that this baby carrier suits you better.

Overall: A pretty basic and somewhat unstable baby carrier without the bells and whistles. 2.5/5

Infantino Comfort Rider RRP: $29.99

The manufacturer claims their Comfort Rider has memory foam to make it easier for your shoulders to carry the weight of the baby and it is the most comfortable baby carrier they have, hence the name. They say you can have the baby facing both in and out and it has a drip tray in the front if your baby is a drooler. According to Infantino, this baby carrier is suitable for 8-23 pound babies.

The Verdict:

Pros: We tried really hard to find something that we liked about this baby carrier. Out of all the Infantino carriers, this has to be their worst one. The only pro we could come up with was the burp cup compartment.

Cons: Lacks the important stability factor and can be a bit akward to put on the first few times.

Overall: For the money you pay, this baby carrier would not be our first preference 1/5

Infantino Swift Carrier RRP: $19.99

Infantino tells us this carrier is easy to use and can be adjusted in a snap. They say is has a clever 2 in 1 bib that protects the baby and its clothing. They claim it has comfy straps and padded head support for the baby.

The Verdict:

Pros: Using side clips it is surprisingly easy to get the baby in and out of. It folds away easily when not needed and it looks quite unisex thus can be used be both mum and dad. Having the ability to face the baby both in and out is always a plus. The price of only $19.99 has to be a plus.

Cons: The only negative with this baby carrier is that it is not comfortable to wear for more than 30-40 minutes. However, if you only plan to wear it for short durations, this should not be a problem. In addition, we would not recommend this baby carrier for anyone taller than 6 foot.

Overall: A cheap and comfortable baby carrier which does the job well. Out of all the Infantino carriers, we like this one the most. 4/5

Infantino Tie and Wrap Bay Carrier RRP: $39.99

This item might not fall under the Infantino carriers category, but it is a popular item that we thought would be good to include. Infantino themselves tell us that It has an unique tie design, which allows for maximum adjustability and comfort by eliminating buckles and simplifying the process of fastening. It features a 3-in-1 design that allows the carrier to be used face-in, face-out, and as a back carrier. Suitable for babies 8-35 lbs, it is super soft and breathable and features wide and comfortable padded straps for the carrier’s comfort.

The Verdict:

Pros: What we like about this carrier is that it is lightweight, nicely padded and works really well with babies up to about 20 lbs. It can be worn for 45 minutes to an hour without too much trouble. It also seems like the baby likes being in it and fall asleep quickly. Having the ability to face in, out and use as a back pack is also a plus.

Cons: As with most Infantino carriers, it can be a challenge to put on, especially in the beginning. It does not have an adjustable head control piece, which is a problem for those infant who does not yet have proper neck control.


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